Monday, March 1, 2010

Elder Choi Conference and Visits to Recent Converts

Dear family and friends,

I can’t believe it’s March already! Where does the time go? It rained (instead of snowed!) this past week, and we had a few warm days. It’s been so wonderful, compared to the freezing cold we had before!

It’s been a busy week with the Elder Choi Conference, President interviews, Mogi appointments with members, and visits to the recent converts.(pictures of Sister Tomoe & Brother Saito, recent converts & the Miura Family)

The Elder Choi conference was wonderful! He is Korean and in the Quorum of the Seventies. He gave the talk last conference in the Priesthood session about “I Love Loud Boys.” I was able to play an arrangement of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”, on my violin as a special musical number.

I learned so much from Elder Choi and his wife, Sister Koo! They taught us and counseled us to do so many things. Elder Choi talked about the power of music and told us to use it as a companionship—sing hymns before lessons, etc.! He also taught us about the importance of obedience, even when we don’t know the reason for it. We will realize it down the road when we see the blessings that have come from it! --“Today obey, tomorrow understand.”

Sister Koo talked about how the Lord gives us trials because He loves us and wants us to grow! She talked about how Joseph Smith was so young, 14 years old, when he experienced so much persecution and sorrow! Yet this was necessary, and part of God’s plan for Joseph. I felt this so strongly during her talk—that God loves us so much-always! I too, have had trials and sorrows, even since I begun my mission to Japan. But through it all, I have felt the love of God as He has helped me to overcome them. I testify that God loves us always—and that there’s nothing we can’t overcome if we trust in God!

I’m so grateful for the experiences of my mission—both the hard and good times. I love telling people about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. Truly He is our Savior!

Swain Shimai

P.S. Mitsu san, our 83 year old investigator, came to church again this past Sunday and loved it! She’s doing well!

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