Monday, March 15, 2010

Earthquakes & Janice Kapp Perry Concert in Sendai

Dear family,

It was pretty cold this past week, but some afternoons are starting to get warmer. I heard that at least by the start of April it stops snowing usually-good news! Saturday night and Sunday late afternoon we had two minor earthquakes. Don’t worry, they weren’t big enough to do any damage or even move anything out of place. They were just big enough to scare Yoneda Shimai and I a bit. We’re so grateful they weren’t any bigger and hope it means we won’t have any more for a while.

Last Friday, Yoneda Shimai and I went with 83 year old Mitsu san to the Janice Kapp Perry Concert in Sendai. The Perry couple both spoke and shared some experiences from their mission on the importance of music. Brother Irie, who is a Japanese singer and member of the church that Janice K. Perry collaborated with (he came to the MTC while I was there, sang for us, and shared his conversion story), sang some of the songs Sister Perry had written, and even Sister Perry sang some herself! It was a wonderful concert—Mitsu san felt the Spirit and was touched. That’s the power of good, uplifting music-the Spirit brings its message to the hearts of those who listen!

Mitsu san is doing well, and working toward baptism! It’s so wonderful to be a part of this work—especially to see the changes it brings to people’s lives, and realize that it was not us, but God that did it!

(Sister Missionaries-2 District P-day at the Park! Sendai Zone)I’m out of time today. We had a two district P-day today with investigators, recent converts and the other missionaries-ultimate Frisbee, freeze-tag, etc... I love all of you and pray for you each day!

Swain Shimai

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