Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still Snowing!!!

Dear family,

In my last letter I wrote about how it was starting to warm up. This past week reminded us that it’s still winter! It snowed, then rained, then snowed again. The past two days we’ve gotten quite a bit of snow! I guess it’s not quite spring yet, but hopefully it will come soon!

It’s been another busy, but wonderful week. Yesterday we had Zone Conference. The focus was on our purpose as a missionary—to bring others unto Christ! It was wonderful, especially during testimony meeting when other missionaries talked about their experiences in fulfilling their purpose as a missionary, including seeing miracles. Truly this is the Lord’s work!

Mitsu san, our 83 year old investigator, is doing so well! She came to church for the 3rd time last Sunday, and she’s coming to the Janice Kapp Perry Concert with us this coming Friday (Janice Kapp Perry, the church musician, is coming to Sendai!). Mitsu san is friends with many of the ward members now—she’s practically like a member! We’re teaching her the missionary lessons. She believes in God and Jesus Christ and has so much faith!

Sorry the letter is short this week—but I’m doing well and love all of you so much! Take care!

Swain Shimai

(Picture of our Young Single Adult's Family Home Evening at Kanazawa Family's House)

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