Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kamisugi Music Concert & Transfer Day!

(Picture of our Kamisugi Music Concert: We collaborated with the Kamisugi missionaries and ward members. My next companion, Morikoshi Shimai, is sitting next to me with the black shirt. The four sister missionaries wore "piano" ties...) This picture is after the Kamisugi Music Concert: From left to right, back: Fukunaga Mitsu san (our 83 year old investigator), me, Suzuki Akiko san (LA), Kikkuchi Shimai (ward member and angel--she helps the ward and missionaries so much!) front: Tomoe Shimai (recent convert), Yoneda Shimai

Dear Family,

I’m sorry, but this letter will be super short because tomorrow is transfer day and I had to pack/say goodbyes...

Tomorrow I transfer to Nagamachi, which is very close to Izumi. It’s the area where the Honbu (Mission office and home) is. My new companion will be Morikoshi Shimai. It will be her last transfer before she goes home. She served in Kamisugi for the past few transfers, so we’ll both be new to the area. She’s from Miyazaki, Japan, but her English is very good because she went to BYU Hawaii, where she was a piano and vocal major. We will have a great time playing together!

I’m sad to leave Izumi, my first area, where I’ve been for 5 ½ months. I’ve learned and experienced so much here and there are so many people I love! But I know it will be in good hands. Yoneda Shimai will stay here, and Kado Shimai will come.

P-day is in the next few days, so I’ll write you more on Monday. I love all of you!

Swain Shimai

P.S. Mom, I heard there’s no email in Nagamachi too...

P.P.S. This picture of me (with my new bangs-all Japanese people have them!) was taken inside Numakura san's house (our investigator who can't see. She wouldn't let us take a picture with her.


  1. Sumimasen, I'm not sure if you will be able to read my comments, so gomennasai to the person maintaining this website, if you can't.
    I'm sorry if this is weird, but while I was searching for some things on the Sendai Mission I came across your blog. It sounds like your having a blast! I am actually going to be a missionary in Sendai in just a little bit! Maybe we'll come across each other once or twice! I'm an Elder, so I doubt i'll see you too much, but if you do get this message, my name is Lay Choro! I know a lot of Japanese so I'm not exactly sure how long i'll be in the MTC, but it seems like you'll be in Sendai for at least another 8 months. I enter the MTC on the 19th of May, so maybe our paths will cross!

    -Lay Choro

  2. I served in Nagamachi eons ago while the chapel was being built. We had baptisms in the Izumi building during that time.

    It's so fun to be able to read of your adventures here.

    My daughter and I took a trip to Japan a couple years ago to help with the clean up after the tsunami and served for a few days in Ishinomaki. What a sad thing for those people.

    How wonderful to serve in the Sendai mission!
    My best to you!