Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still in Izumi!

Dear family,

Today I was able to use e-mail because I came to Kamisugi to practice a musical number for Zone Conference this Thursday--Elder Choi of the Quorum of the 70s is coming to speak to us!

Transfers were last Thursday, but I ended up staying in Izumi! I was so happy to stay here and be with Yoneda Shimai for another transfer.

We had a great Sunday yesterday-one of our investigators came with us to church, Mitsu san. She is an 83 yr. old obaachan-grandmother-but she looks and acts much younger! We think it's because she does volunteer work all day long-she tells stories to kids at schools. She loved church yesterday-the sacrament meeting theme was perfect for her-on service! She felt the Spirit strongly and cried during one of the talks! Mitsu san thought it was wonderful that all the members were friends, and were voluteers in their callings. We are excited to teach Mitsu san and soon invite her to be baptized!

Yesterday we went housing and found another grandmother, who told us, before we could say anything, that she had interest and wanted to learn about our church! I felt that the Lord had prepared her for us to come and teach her-we will visit her again this week and teach about this wonderful gospel!

I am doing well. It is starting to warm up a little! Thanks for all your love and prayers!

Swain Shimai

P.S. This picture is fried rice with a thin omelet on top that Yoneda Shimai made for me!

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