Monday, April 5, 2010

Transferred to Nagamachi!

Dear family,

Last Thursday I transferred to Nagamachi with Morikoshi Shimai (Morikoshi Shimai is on my right, and on my left is Ishikawa Shimai who just finished her mission). Since we’re both new to the area we don’t know a lot of things—and we’re both bad at reading maps! But we’ve studied a lot about the area these past few days. On Sunday we went to the Nagamachi Ward for the first time. It’s the biggest ward in the whole Sendai mission! On Sunday there were 114 people at church. It’s a lot of names to remember, but a lot of wonderful faithful members of the church! There are many young men/women in this ward, with strong faith and wonderful testimonies.

There’s something I didn’t get a chance to write about in my last letter. Last Tuesday we had a baptism in the Izumi Ward for Sato san, a 20 year old college student.
He was so prepared to hear the truth! Yoneda Shimai and I were housing one night and almost passed by his door because the mail slot was taped shut and it looked like no one was living there. But, for some reason I thought we should ring the doorbell, just in case. Sato san answered and listened to our message, and came to church a few Sundays later, took the lessons from the Elders, and was baptized! It’s amazing how the Lord guides us to do His work!

I’m grateful to be a missionary here in Japan and love doing the Lord’s work!

Sister Swain

P.S. Today it rained all day, but didn’t snow!!! I was pretty excited and am hoping it means winter is over here in Sendai...

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