Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Zone Conference

Dear Family and friends,

Last week was so cold, it snowed every day! One of the ward members said this is the coldest winter they’ve had in 10 years! It’s been exciting learning how to maneuver my bike through/over snow, ice, and slush. Thankfully, it’s begun to warm up this week—I’m hoping this will continue!

Despite the cold, it was a wonderful week. We had zone conference yesterday. Instead of having them once a transfer, we changed them to once a month. It’s a lot of work for our leaders, but it’s wonderful to have training once a month! Yesterday we learned about finding those who we can teach. We talked about having the faith to find those who are ready for the message, as well as different ways to find. We practiced with ward members who volunteered to let us practice on them. I learned a lot! I think since I’ve come here, it’s been hard for me to be confident during finding because of the language. But yesterday I realized through the practice (mogi) that I still can be confident and contribute even if it is just with my smile!

This week we taught a lesson to Hirose san, 21 years old, who we found streeting a few weeks ago. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She’d gone to a Christian high school and had lots of questions for us. Because the gospel is perfect, we were able to answer each one of her questions with a gospel principle/scripture. She believed everything we taught. We’re excited to teach her again next week.

I’m learning so much through all the experiences I’m having. Not only are my missionary finding/teaching skills starting to get a little better, but I’m realizing the importance of loving and serving my companion as well. I know that this comes first, before I can love and serve the people! Yoneda Shimai and I have learned a lot with and from each other. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve!

Swain Shimai

A snowy day in Izumi!

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