Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaving Ishinomaki and Transferring to Koriyama! (letter)

I’m sorry you won’t get a letter from me last week because I had no time to write. I wasn’t expecting to be transferred so I had a lot to do! But the little time I had in Ishinomaki was wonderful! I felt like there were some people there that the Lord sent me to help. I love them so much! One is the investigator, Kimura san. He’s had a really hard time lately when his girlfriend left him – as I played “I Know that My Redeemer Lives,” he wept!! Truly there’s a special spirit that can only come through music!

The other person I felt I was really able to help was a less active member named Kumagai Shimai. She was baptized five or so years ago but stopped coming to church when she started smoking again. We met with her one time at her house, and through feeling our love she felt God’s love for her and gained hope that she could STOP! She comes to Eikaiwa each week and two weeks ago when we met with her she bore to us her testimony of reading the Book of Mormon. When she felt stress and wanted to smoke she would read the Book of Mormon and feel a wonderful feeling and didn’t want to smoke anymore! I think she’ll return back to church in a little while. I love her so much!

Koriyama is wonderful, and full of more investigators than I’ve ever had in one area before! Since I came here I really felt that this is where the Lord wants me to be, especially to help my companion Semba Shimai. I’m her 2nd companion after her trainer, Andros Shimai (an American).

Mom & Dad, I got your letter about when I should end my mission. I prayed and thought about it and feel good about finishing in January and waiting to start school until Spring. I want to do missionary work as long as I can!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers.
I love all of you!

Sister Swain

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