Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love Koriyama! (letter)

How are all of you doing? Did you get my two emails? I guess school’s about to start. I hope you enjoy the last of your summer break!

I love serving in Koriyama! I still don’t know the names of everyone in the branch, or the way to different places—but I’m confident that through time it’ll be easier. This is Semba Shimai’s 4th transfer in her 1st area, so she’ll probably be transferred after this transfer ends. By then maybe I’ll understand the directions.

One thing I forgot to write in my email is that one of our investigators, age 14, (the daughter of a recent convert) plays the violin very well! I haven’t heard her play yet, but Semba Shimai says the school’s music program she is in is one of the top of Japan! I’m excited to maybe play a duet with her sometime in church, or at the music fireside we’re planning for next month….I don’t think it’s a coincidence I came here to Koriyama to teach Misaki chan! She’s so cute and innocent, and accepts what we teach her very easily. I’m excited to help her gain a testimony of the gospel, and of Jesus Christ!

I’m doing well, and I love my diligent and obedient companion, Semba Shimai. The Lord truly is giving me strength I need each day to preach His gospel…and ride my bike to far places! I think when my mission ends I might go in hibernation and sleep for a week…is that OK mom? Just kidding—but even though missionary work is wearing on our bodies, it’s amazing the strength God gives me each day to go on to do one of the most important works in the world!

Thanks for your love and prayers!!

Sister Swain

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