Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Busy Week!

Thanks for your DearElders--sounds like it`s been a wonderful summer!

This past week we practiced the baptism interview questions with our investigator Shizuka chan, she took the interview, and passed!!! But a few hours later we got a call from her telling us that she`d told her dad about wanting to be baptized, and he told her she couldn`t. She`s in her 20s and doesn`t need his permission--but she is still living in the same apartment with him. He told her if she moved out she could join our church. When she told her dad about wanting to be baptized, it was the first he`d heard about her going to a church/learning at the church, so he must have been surprised and had some misunderstanding. Then the next day we got another call from Shizuka chan saying both her mom and dad said she can`t meet with us anymore... We were super sad, but know that she`ll one day be able to be baptized in the Lord`s timing--she`s the most ready I`ve ever seen anyone for baptism! We`ll keep praying for her, and have faith that the Lord is watching out for her!

Our investigator Seiko san came to church on Sunday, where a recent convert bore her conversion story--it was so wonderful! Afterwards we went to dinner at one of the ward member`s houses. Seiko san is so great and wants to learn more about the gospel to help her 8 yr. old son.

It`s been a wonderful and busy past week! We had had great training on Tuesday from our zone leaders and Mission President and we`re trying to become even more obedient, and talk to even more people each day. I love talking to so many people each day about the happiness we and our families can find through Jesus Christ`s teachings!

Love all of you so much!
Swain Shimai

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