Monday, April 19, 2010

Oyama San's Conversion

Dear family,

We had a great past week here in Nagamachi. It was cold and even snowed again Saturday morning, but we’re hoping from here on out it will start getting warmer. On Saturday we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Oyama san (he's about in his 40’s), who has taken lessons from the sisters since last October but hasn’t gotten baptized yet because he said he hasn’t gotten an answer yet if this church is true. Saturday morning, before we even started the lesson he surprised us by saying that he’d gotten personal revelation. He knows that this Church is true, and wants to get baptized! We were way surprised!!! He said he “gave up” and will be baptized! When we asked him more about how he got his answer, he said that since he went to the Saturday morning session of general conference and heard the talks, he felt like he needed to seriously seek for an answer if this Church is true or not. Then, one day while he was listening to the CD of hymns the sisters had given him and reading the Book of Mormon, “Seirei-san ga kita!”-he said that the Holy Ghost came! He said it was a small “voice” and feeling that he could not deny, and knew that this Church was true. Also, he’d had a dream where Hansen Shimai, the sister who was here before we came and taught him for a long time—came and told him to be baptized. So, he’s getting baptized next month! We’re so excited!

This Wednesday we were handing out Eikaiwa (our free English class) fliers when I found Yuko chan, who had talked to elder missionaries before, but never to sisters. She was delighted to meet us, and when we asked if we could have her phone number so that we could meet her at the church and teach her, she said, “Oh, can I please give it to you?”! She’ll come to Eikaiwa this next week and we’ll teach her a lesson afterwards. I’m so grateful we could meet her. It has made me want to share the gospel even more with everyone I see, because we never know who it is God has placed in our path!

I love you all and pray for you everyday!

Swain Shimai

This picture shows the Kamisugi & Nagamachi sisters! From top to bottom: Wetlaufer Shimai, me, Onda Shimai, and Morikoshi Shimai

This is my companion Morikoshi shimai, me, and our investigator, Naoko chan. We went to see the beginning of sakura (cherry blossoms) that were blooming...but it turned out to be a cold, rainy day!

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