Monday, October 19, 2009

A Whole New World!

Dear Family and Friends,

It`s wonderful to be in Japan! It is really a whole new world and culture, very different than what I`ve grown up in! Everything is smaller--streets, (bicycle lanes:), food portions, and the people (I feel like a giant sometimes)! But it is wonderful! I`m getting used to the way things work here, one day at a time.

The people here are so kind! I have the best trainer in the world, Tani Shimai from Osaka. She is really a wonderful missionary and person, and I am learning so much from her. We had a baptismal service yesterday for one of her former investigators! It was so wonderful! Even though I couldn`t understand most of what was being said, the same Spirit was there. This is God`s work!

I am serving in the Izumi district, a little suburb of Sendai. There is a ward here in Izumi, with very kind ward members! There are 2 elders also serving in this area--one of them was in my class at the MTC and came over with me to Japan last week.

I love being here, and am learning to love the Japanese people and understand them--even though my language skills are just beginning (I most always don`t understand what they`re saying!), I love them and I think they feel that! Each day, as I help invite them to come unto Christ--with my limited Japanese, inviting them to church/be taught--I know that the Lord is preparing those who are ready to hear the message of the restored gospel!

My 2nd day here, I was a bit cold and hungry and hadn`t understood very much Japanese...but then it hit me! My being here in Japan wasn`t about me or what I want! I know that I`m here to serve God, and I have faith that God will prepare the way! What I want is not important--serving God is iichiban (#1) important!

I will continue each day to do everything I can to further His work here, with faith that my Nihongo skills will become what they need to be. The Lord always prepares a way for us to accomplish His work!

Thanks for your love and prayers. I love all of you! Konnichiwa from Nihon!

Swain Shimai

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