Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Safe in Japan!

Dear family and friends,

I'm safely here in Nihon!!! It was wonderful talking to you--I'm so sorry mom and dad I couldn't talk to you longer--I tried calling back later but I think you were on the plane.

The Lord blesses His missionaries--He blessed Andrus Choro and I to get here safely! Thank you for your prayers--they were heard! We weren't informed at the MTC that we'd have to pick up our luggage in the Toykyo airport, re-check them in to fly to Sendai--and the luggage requirements were different--they wouldn't let me carry on my violin! But, we were running late and were about to miss our flight, so they didn't make us pay for the extra carry-on Andrus Choro had that wouldn't fit on the Sendai plane (it fit on the American ones)--and they strapped my violin in a big box, promised to take good care of it, and didn't make me pay for it! We ran through security and made it on the last flight to Sendai--the Lord's angels were there helping us get through (plus the Japanese people were so kind and helpful).

Sendai is beautiful and my mission pres. and his wife are wonderful! I love it here already and feel blessed to be serving the Lord! I played my violin last night at the mission home for the mission pres and his wife, senior missionary couple, and zone leaders--I'm grateful I was able to bring it!

Thanks all for your prayers--I love you so much!

Swain Shimai

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