Monday, October 26, 2009

Cow Tongue

Dear Family,

Nihon is wonderful! I`m understanding more Nihongo each day and am slowly being able to speak more. My companion is very patient with me and is helping me learn the language!

Today was the 2nd day it`s rained in Izumi since I`ve been here--it comes pouring down! I`m learning how to ride my bike in the rain, in a skirt, and up the many hills of Izumi.

The work is moving forward here in Izumi. Each day Tani Shimai and I do our best to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. It`s wonderful to teach the gospel to these people, and see the changes that take place in their lives as they come unto Christ! Ishii san was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting, and two new investigators came to church for the first time, where they were fellowshipped by the members and want to come back! One of them will be baptized in a few weeks--Ota san. She is 83 years old and believes in God and knows that getting baptized is the right thing to do.

I`m grateful for the Japanese people, and their faith--it strengthens me! The Lord is blessing me so much; I understand so much more Nihongo than when I came here 2 1/2 weeks ago!

Sorry this e-mail is short, but I`m out of time. I`ll write more next week!

Swain Shimai

PS. I`m trying lots of Japanese food that my companion makes for me and members make, and it`s great! The other day we had cow tongue, Sendai`s specialty food, at Ishii san`s`s not too bad!!

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