Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transferring to Ishinomaki!

Dear Family,

Today we received transfer calls, and I will be leaving Nagamachi! I’ve only been here for two transfers, but I love the people here and will be sad to leave!

My companion Kouzawa Shimai will stay here and become a trainer of a new Japanese sister missionary. I’ll go to Ishinomaki, where I’ll become companions with two other Shimais—we’ll be a three-some! One of them is Kouyama Shimai, who just has one more transfer left before her mission is finished! We’ll be co-seniors. My other companion will be Murase Shimai, who will start her 2nd transfer as a missionary. This picture is Kouzawa Shimai and I with recent convert Kimura Shimai after Stake Conference.

Ishinomaki is a bit farther north but is still in the Sendai Zone, the same zone I’ve been in my whole mission! I’ve heard that there are no elders serving there, just sisters—and it’s a branch, not a ward, so they’re aren’t as many members. One of my college friends is living there with her husband and daughter (teaching English) and she is the Young Woman’s President there (for the one young woman who was taught and baptized by the sister missionaries a few months ago)! It’ll be fun to be in the same branch with them!

So, while I’m sad to leave Nagamachi, I’m looking forward to the new experiences I’ll have in Ishinomaki. I won’t be able to see Helen san’s baptism here, which is scheduled for next Tuesday—but it’s OK. I’m just happy that she’ll be getting baptized! (And my companion promised to send me a picture.)

This past week has been busy! On Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference, which was wonderful. The Sunday session was a broadcast from Salt Lake (shown to all the stakes in Japan and a few surrounding countries). Elder Evans of the 70s gave his talk in Japanese. He invited all the youth to serve missions! It was great. My companion, Kouzawa Shimai actually decided to come on a mission because of a similar talk he gave in her stake about a year ago.

Over the weekend I caught a little flu bug and fever but I was able to rest a little and am now feeling fine. (Thanks for all the meds mom.)

Yesterday we taught our friend Moloko san, from South Africa, about the Restoration of the church (lesson 1). We taught in English and the mission home couple (the Sudweeks) joined us for the lesson. Moloko san is wonderful and said she’ll get baptized when she receives an answer from God if this church is true or not. She said she has been confused (like Joseph Smith) about the many different churches and understood the need for a Restoration! She already believes in God and Jesus Christ and has great faith!

I love all of you so much! Take care!

Sister Swain

P.S. After our lesson in English with Moloko san, Sister Sudweeks said my English had become a little strange. I guess that’s what happens when I only speak Japanese all day!
P.S.S. This picture is me and my college friend, Jul Lamb and her little baby girl, Elsa. She's living in the branch I'll transfer to!!!

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