Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Great Week in Nagamachi!

Dear family,

This past week it’s begun to really feel like spring! Besides the days it rained, the afternoons have been nice and warm—a welcome change.

We had another great week here in Nagamachi. I can hardly believe it, but this transfer ends next week, and my companion Morikoshi Shimai will be going back home! I’ll then get a new companion and begin my 6th transfer...I’m starting to feel old!
Oyama san is prepared and excited for his baptismal service this coming Saturday. It will be wonderful—he, along with many others, has changed through this gospel. He’s stopped smoking to get baptized and now believes in God and knows this church is true.

This past week and until Morikoshi Shimai leaves we’ve been invited to several of the member’s houses for meals and a lesson. It’s been wonderful to get to know the ward members even better, and see the loving atmospheres in their homes, and their examples of living the gospel. One member, Sato Shimai, invited some of her friends over—one of them was from America, an English teacher at some of the schools! It was fun to talk to her. She’s about my age and it will be neat to see if we can teach her about our message-in English! It will feel weird not teaching in Japanese!

I love all of you and hope you’re all doing well! You’re in my prayers every day!

Swain Shimai

P.S. We had Family Home Evening at the Mission Home, and I got to see an Izumi investigator-Fukunaga Mitsu san!!! She’s afraid of baptism and cancelled—but it was so wonderful to see her again! Also recent convert Brother Mori came. He’s been less active for the past few months, but the elders got him to come back. I was so happy I cried!

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