Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going Co-Trainer...

We got our transfer calls this morning, and neither Semba Shimai or I will be transfered, but we`ll become a three-some with a new sister, Dotson Shimai. So Semba Shimai and I will be co-trainers! I`m excited to be in a 3-some again, and to help Dotson Shimai as she comes to the mission field for the first time! I`m not sure where Dotson Shimai is from, but she`s not from Japan--probably from America. We`re going to pick her up from the Mission home this Friday...we`re excited!)

It`s been a wonderful past week! On Sunday we had 10 investigators attend church, as well as the luncheon after church! It was super busy trying to watch out for each one, and make sure they were having a good time, but the Koriyama branch members stepped in and helped a lot with fellowshipping these wonderful people. We were so surprised on Sunday when, during Sacrament meeting, Iizuka san, who has work and said she couldn`t come on Sunday--came to church! Her job had finished early and she`d rushed over to the church! She had a great time. We talked to her again this week about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and she said she`ll do all she can to come to church 2 times a month. Probably this Sunday she`ll have an interview with the Branch President, then her baptism interview, and will be baptized after that. She`s wonderful!

This coming Sunday is Katou Naoki kun and Kaoru chan`s baptism--they passed their baptism interview last week! They are both ready and excited to be baptized and make that promise with God. They`re the cutest!

Yamaguchi san is still doing well--she came to a Relief Society activity with us on yesterday and had a great time. She did what we invited her to do, to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God--and she got her answer! She said she felt a really peaceful, and warm feeling, and knew that it was true! She`s truly gaining a testimony.

Last Saturday we had the Music Concert, with about 10 or so musical numbers, including a piano solo from one of our investigators and guitar solos from the elder`s investigators. It turned out great! I ended up playing arrangements of 2 hymns on my violin. (Thanks for the music mom and Mrs. Mary--I didn`t get them quite in time to play them at the concert, but there`ll be another one in the next month or two!) There were between 30-40 people that came, and it seemed like they enjoyed the music.

I`m loving it here in Koriyama and am grateful for the many blessings, and miracles the Lord has blessed us to see here. Missionary work is the best! There are many sacrifices required, but the joys more than compensate for them.

Sister Swain

P.S. I got your package mom--thanks:) It would help to have the accompaniment too--but not for everything. Probably just Meditation from Thais and the Bach one? I forgot but I`ll let you know next p-day

P.P.S. I`m sorry, I didn`t have time to do a hand-written letter last week.

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