Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love Missionary Work!

I can hardly believe there’s only 2 ½ weeks left of this transfer! Soon Hansen Shimai will go back to America. She’ll be the 3rd companion I’ve sent back home!

It is nice and hot here in Ishinomaki. I think I’m just getting used to always having sweat on my face and body as we ride our bikes and dendo in 87 degree, humid weather. But it’s fun! Especially with two companions, every day is a party!

Hayashi san, our 91 year old friend is still reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We’re just waiting to hear if her family will let her get baptized. She’s the best!

It was another busy week as we did our best to reach the Sendai Mission Standard of Excellence – of teaching 20 lessons/week and finding 3 new investigators/week. With the Lord’s help, we were able to do it this week!

I guess today I don’t know what else to write, except that I love missionary work! Each day the Lord gives me strength to go another day and do all I can to help move the work forward. Japan is the best! I love and pray for all of you!

Sister Swain
(Me, Sister Hansen and the Statue of Liberty in Ishinomaki! There's also a Japanese Flag!)

P.S. On Sunday, I played the piano for a musical number in Sacrament meeting-“Armies of Helaman/As Sisters in Zion—my companions and a few branch members sang. The Ishinomaki Branch is small, but boy can they sing!

P.S.S. Hansen Shimai said my Japanese is getting a lot better faster. She said over the course of a week it changed dramatically! I’m grateful for her encouragement, and grateful for the Lord for the gift of tongues. It’s real!

P.S.S. Murase Shimai is a very good cook and I’m learning a little from her of how to cook Japanese meals…I promise to make then when I come home!

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  1. After the tsunami, the statue of liberty there in Ishinomaki was one of the last things left standing in that area. The buildings that stood closest to it were decimated.