Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nihongo 1st Lesson

Dear Family and Friends,

Another amazing week at the MTC!! One of my companions, Nielson Shimai, left for Tokyo last week--Reese Jamenim (I think that's sister in Korean--she's going to serve in Korea and is another solo sister that was in our companionship) and I miss her, but are so excited for what she's doing!! Tomorrow the new Japan-bound missionaries come in--11 missionaries total, and 3 will be sisters!!! I'm so excited to welcome them to the MTC--and to have other sisters in the branch!

Last week was my first time teaching the TRC lesson in Nihongo! The Japanese-speaking volunteers that came in were very patient with our Japanese. It was a really neat experience--it was hard to teach only in Japanese, but I learned that I'm not really the one teaching--it's the Spirit! As I shared Joseph Smith's first vision in Japanese, the truthfulness of the message was what touched the investigator's hearts, not the way I said or taught it (I tried to do it memorized and got a bit mixed up at one part)...even though I fumbled through some parts, that feeling, the Holy Ghost, was so strong in that room that one of the investigators we were teaching cried because she was so touched! I felt that Spirit so strongly, and even now as I'm writing this, this feeling comes back to me--that I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith did restore God's true church and authority to the earth once again! After the darkness of the apostasy--from when Christ was killed until Joseph Smith, the message of the restoration of the church brings so much light, knowledge, and joy into our lives! I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have because Joseph Smith restored the church!

Sunday was mission conference, where all the missionaries in the MTC meet and are instructed by our leadership--I learned so many things! One of the Presidency's wives talked about how important it is to know the articles of faith--she said that ALL questions can be answered by them, and stressed the importance of knowing them by heart! I know that the Articles of Faith are inspired and that knowing them is essential for each member of the church! I hope to start learning them in Japanese.

Learning Japanese is coming! It is still hard but each day I am improving and getting better, a little bit at a time. I know that through "small means" the Lord accomplishes great things! Just like the Liahona gave Lehi's family guidance according to the faith and diligence they gave to it--God is helping me as I do all I can to learn! Just like they were led by the Lord through small miracles, each day here in the MTC I am seeing the miracles God is blessing me with as I give all diligence and heed to His work! I know that God loves us, and through Christ, we can do all things!

I love all of you!! Don, Jeanette, and Emily--thanks for the cookies:). JoAnna, can I get your address? You can give it to Becca or something, or through have a letter for you:).

Swain Shimai

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